gtk+-2 module hunt for crasher

Zbigniew Luszpinski zbiggy at
Sun Jan 2 14:47:51 CET 2011


if you wonder why firefox/seamonkey/thunderbird/gimp or other gtk 
application suddenly crash and exits without reason this is post for you.
Some of you probably associate this with moving mouse. Right.
The bug I found appears in such occasions:
1. In firefox you grab tab and move it to other place on tab bar.
( setting nglayout.enable_drag_images to false workarounds this)
2. Drag and drop bookmarks in firefox menu.
3. You grab a picture on web page and move it somewhere.
(e.g. enter site, grab and drag Lunar logo sitting in left 
upper corner)
If you run firefox from the console you will see X error after crash.

The source of all these problems is gtk library not applications.
proof of concept:
1. run gtk-demo
2. Double click Icon View->Editing and Drag-and-Drop
3. Now you see 4 colours. Grab and drag one of these to make gtk-demo 
application crash.

The fix (commited to moonbase - no date change so you have to lin it 
  # Fixes drag and drop crash
  bad_flags -O3 &&
  bad_flags -O2 &&
  CFLAGS=" -O1 $CFLAGS" &&

Yes. -O2 and upper are responsible for broken DnD in gtk apps. -O1 is 
fine. Here is task for someone who would like to hunt for the gtk crasher 
flag: Find out which of flags the -O2 parameter adds is responsible for 
DnD crash. I will start looking in spare time so sooner or later I will 
find it - you may be first as I'm very busy and have no much time for 
Lunar developing. Use gtk-demo DnD for testing. Enjoy. When we find the 
bad flag it will be reported to gtk devel team.

Here is info what flags -O2 parameter adds after -O1:

have a nice day,
Zbigniew Luszpinski

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