gtk+-2 module hunt for crasher

v4hn me at
Sun Jan 2 15:33:05 CET 2011

I really _hate_ those buggy optimizations of gcc...
There are some known bugs in there for more then 3 years now.
Is there still no other free compiler, we could support
for module compilation?

Thanks for investigating!

On Sun, Jan 02, 2011 at 02:47:51PM +0100, Zbigniew Luszpinski wrote:
> The fix (commited to moonbase - no date change so you have to lin it 
> manually):
>   # Fixes drag and drop crash
>   bad_flags -O3 &&
>   bad_flags -O2 &&

bad_flags -Os && 
should be in here as well, right?

>   CFLAGS=" -O1 $CFLAGS" &&

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