Auke Kok sofar at
Wed Jun 30 03:22:33 CEST 2010

Marek Pasnikowski wrote:
> Yesterday I registered in Wiki system. I wanted to start writing, but couldn't 
> find any "new article" button. Maybe that's for security reasons - that's OK. 
> Now I want to share my idea of the first article. I want to write exhaustive 
> explanation of every existing position in kernel configuration menu. I searched 
> for similar work in the net, but found nothing like this. It would be very 
> helpful for those, who compile their kernels.  I myself have problems with 
> understanding, what each position stands for in the system. What do You think 
> about such a comprehensive guide?

this shouldn't be done in lunar. if you really care about increasing the 
documentation for the kernel configuration options, you should post your 
work to the lkml (kernel) mailinglist, or join a project like 
"kernelnewbies", which has an excellent wiki documenting kernel stuff.

 > By the way: is there any automatic Lunar kernel generator (like 
genkernel for
 > Gentoo)?

no. there is no failsafe way of doing this, so the default lunar configs 
are provided which cover most people's needs.


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