Lunar install does not see External Hard Drive

sharon farley shazzer.farley at
Thu Jun 24 14:31:06 CEST 2010

 *Solved I THINK!!!*
Following advice fro another forum I have been able to access the drive and
install Lunar.

I first went into a shell and used lsmod to see what was available/installed
- then tried to load the usb module but no play.

However, when I rebooted from the cd it behaved as a rescue disc and I was
able continue the installation process and to load the modules from there.

I proceeded to install Lunar after partitioning and rebooted into Lynx to
add a menuentry for Lunar to my Grub Menu List.

It is still a work in progress for a few more days as I need to reinstall
Lunar without a grub on the partition - doesn't take long compared to some

Hopefully that will be problem solved.

I will update here either way.
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