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Jean-Michel Bruenn jean.bruenn at ip-minds.de
Sat Jun 19 11:33:58 CEST 2010

Hello Marek,

jak sie masz? :-) Lemme try to answer some parts of your mail.

> I can see, that Lunar is not doing well lately. Mirrors are not working 
> correctly,

Due to the nature of Lunar (we're using the source packages from the
official sites, and you can use sourceforge and similar mirrors) it
happens sometimes, that some official location is down, or a package
changes and the original developer moved or renamed the old package
(which is still in moonbase) - If this happens, the mirror seems to not
work. I had some ideas about how to change this from happening or at
least to take notice of that faster than today. However. What you can
do is: if this happens, drop in on IRC (irc.freenode.net, #lunar) and
leave a notice "package xyz with mirror xyz doesn't download here -
anyone else same problems?". Usually someone is around who could fix
this (you can fix this yourself by creating a zlocal module -
information about this should be in the wiki, just copy the original
module to zlocal, edit the DETAILS file and change the SOURCE_URL to a
working mirror (or if its Sourceforge, change the sforge mirror in
lunar -> option -> software mirrors -> sforge, and try again) and if
you wan't to contribute even more to lunar, you could do "lvu submit
modulename" to submit your "fixed" module.

> Wiki lacks most basic documentation, Forums are offline. Please, 
> don't die, don't leave me now, when I discovered you. I can help write wiki 
> pages, first. I also have a vision, as to what Lunar should become.

Drop in on IRC and talk to Striker - He's doing the website related
Stuff. The Forum is down for specific reasons, he might tell you more.
Just out of interest, which information are you missing in the wiki?

> In addition 
> to the amazing package manager, automatic hardware configuration tool should be 
> created. This would give Lunar an enormous advantage, as all source-based 
> distros require manual configuration. Who still wants to manualy edit text files 
> to make his box run without problems?

Hardware Detection is sometimes difficult, at least if you want it to
work 100% correctly; however Lunar, as i understood, was made for
experienced users (which probably don't need such features) and not for
beginners (which would love such features). This doesnt mean your idea
is bad - It's for sure on someone's todo-list, i just don't know about
his/her priority :)

> I hope I didn't come too late...
> Goodbye for now, I don't feel like talking right now. (The Songs of Distant 
> Earth happen to be quite depressing, when played on tiny laptop speakers, 
> instead of just calming). ;(

Lunar won't die and Lunar *is* active. 

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