some problems when upgrading

Edd Budulea e_timotei at
Thu Apr 26 12:16:00 CEST 2007

For future reference.
After I've done a Linux-PAM upgrade i was unable to
login login again (pam_stack has vanished), funny
thing was that even after a shadow relin (that used to
work) I was in the same situation. Then I remember,
after 2 hours, that maybe shadow have not remove some
config files and overwrite files from /etc/pam.d with
I want to mention that I've never touch the /etc/pam.d
files in my life on that computer.
So, maybe on sensitive package upgrade we should warn
at least the user to so something with some config
For instance the lunar-init warning was very helpful
and I like to see warnings like that when is necessary.

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