problem with mount script

Edd Budulea e_timotei at
Mon Apr 23 14:39:23 CEST 2007

Hi, i have an issue with the mount script because it
will mess up the bind entries from fstab.
For those that bind tells them nothing is a neat way
to mount a dir in another dir. The problem is that the
mount point for a bind can be put before the mount of
the source of the bind.
For instance:
I have the directory /home and /mnt, in fstab i've
/dev/hdc1 /mnt auto defaults 0 0
/mnt /home auto defaults,bind 0 0

In the actual mount script it will try to mount /home
before /mnt and this is bad.
I propose that on start/restart we should parse the
fstab two times once without bind mounts and then with
bind. Or we should take out the "sort" from the
"while" and rely on the user to put the entries in
fstab in the order that he wants to mount the mount points.

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