gtk+-2.8.14 version bump

Couannette couannette at
Fri Mar 10 09:04:10 UTC 2006

sofar a écrit :
> On Thu, 9 Mar 2006 21:04:05 -0600, Terry Chan <tpchan at> wrote:
>>Thankfully, there is the other choice -- ignore old, unmaintained apps. 
>>upgrading gtk+-2 and glib-2 is NOT an option as they are for more
>>and useful than the few apps that may or may not be broken.
>>We're distro maintainers NOT software debuggers/programmer/developers. Its
>>simply NOT our responsibility (read: UNPAID) to fix other people's poorly
>>written software.
>>And I'm only going to wait a short period of time before I do version bump
>>glib-2.10.1 and gtk+-2.8.14.
>>I'm still waiting for a REAL post demonstrating a useful app that breaks
>>to glib-2.10.x.
> I think we're very happy that most of the gtk2-writing developers actually tries to work around glib/gtk problems. These have been widespread and I know from the Xfce community that most of the issues they have is due to buggy and incompleteness of glib/gtk. 
>>>>poorly written application?
> absolutely ;^)
> Auke

Interesting discussion anyway :).

I'm working in an industrial environment and if I tell people that I'll remove
foo application because it does't build anymore with glib/gtk I'll be crucified.

I could HOLD those libraries but they would break the more recent modules and
I'll forced to HOLD all dependencies anyway...

Howerver Lunar is not designed for that purpose : I see it more a "Distro on The
Edge" :*).

Terry your are right! The library and application we speak about are POORLY
WRITTEN and POORLY DESIGNED. I say some years ago that all the GNOME stuff is

But there are very good application in that stack of stuff ;)... and we should
do that we can to offer them to our community bearing in mind that we'll never
reach perfection.

Such problem will always plunder Linux distribution. The only way to work around
this is
- to have access developpers of incriminated bad libraries / applications and
submit them the problem
- to gather with other source distro (or even with Debian) to create such a
community of users/developpers that can handle the task if the application is
very usefull

I'm never sure of my local results because I installed my Lunar in 2002 and it
passed winters since without a complete reinstall... but

- often I have module depending on glib/gtk that would not rebuild
- often I have to check myself to rebuild gtk manually...


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