gtk+-2.8.14 version bump

sofar sofar at
Fri Mar 10 04:40:39 UTC 2006

On Thu, 9 Mar 2006 21:04:05 -0600, Terry Chan <tpchan at> wrote:
> Thankfully, there is the other choice -- ignore old, unmaintained apps. 
> Not
> upgrading gtk+-2 and glib-2 is NOT an option as they are for more
> important
> and useful than the few apps that may or may not be broken.
> We're distro maintainers NOT software debuggers/programmer/developers. Its
> simply NOT our responsibility (read: UNPAID) to fix other people's poorly
> written software.
> And I'm only going to wait a short period of time before I do version bump
> glib-2.10.1 and gtk+-2.8.14.
> I'm still waiting for a REAL post demonstrating a useful app that breaks
> due
> to glib-2.10.x.

I think we're very happy that most of the gtk2-writing developers actually tries to work around glib/gtk problems. These have been widespread and I know from the Xfce community that most of the issues they have is due to buggy and incompleteness of glib/gtk. 

>> > poorly written application?

absolutely ;^)


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