Gnome 2.8 Module?

Moritz Heiber moe at
Mon Oct 25 16:12:57 UTC 2004

On Mon, 25 Oct 2004 09:42:17 -0500
Nick Hudson <nhudson at> wrote:

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> Paul Norton wrote:
> | Hello,
> |
> | I just wanted to check in to see what is happening with the Gnome
> | 2.8 module.  I know that we now have a stable 2.6 Kernel in the
> | moonbase now (which Gnome 2.8 requires).'
> Gnome 2.8 will be put into moonbase sometime next month.  Currently I
> am busy with ending 2 jobs and starting another next week, sometime
> after that I will have time to sit down and start updating.  Also this
> depends on udev support in the 2.6 kernel through Lunar.  I dont know
> the status of udev in Lunar but udev will have to be installed and
> working along with dbus and hal before 2.8 can even be tested
> correctly.  Dont get me wrong 2.8 will work without a working udev and
> dbus install but things work much better if you have that support.
> Plug and Play support is quite nice.

So, to let me get this straight: Gnome 2.8 is going to work without
udev+whatever else installed .. it is not going to refuse to compile and/or
fail to start when somebody comes along with a 2.4.x based system without

Where's the problem then? Keeping 2.6 would only make sense incase the new
Gnome would depend on the 2.6.x kernel branch without being able to compile
on a 2.4.x based system. Now, the only thing that is going to get ripped
out when udev and friends are missing are the exact same features that
aren't in Gnome 2.6 yet .. right?



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