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Mon Oct 25 14:42:17 UTC 2004

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Paul Norton wrote:

| Hello,
| I just wanted to check in to see what is happening with the Gnome
| 2.8 module.  I know that we now have a stable 2.6 Kernel in the
| moonbase now (which Gnome 2.8 requires).'

Gnome 2.8 will be put into moonbase sometime next month.  Currently I
am busy with ending 2 jobs and starting another next week, sometime
after that I will have time to sit down and start updating.  Also this
depends on udev support in the 2.6 kernel through Lunar.  I dont know
the status of udev in Lunar but udev will have to be installed and
working along with dbus and hal before 2.8 can even be tested
correctly.  Dont get me wrong 2.8 will work without a working udev and
dbus install but things work much better if you have that support.
Plug and Play support is quite nice.

| Should there be a 'gnome-2.8' module so that people can still use
| gnome 2.6 with linux 2.4?  This way we would have two gnome desktop
|  modules in the moonbase.

I would rather not, due to we have tried having multiple versions of
several modules installed in the past and it didnt work out to well.
Maintaining 2 sets of the same modules is daunting enough for me
already with moonbase and the GNOME_UNSTABLE branch.  If you choose to
use a 2.4 kernel and want to stay with Gnome 2.6 then the best thing I
can say to do for now is to hold all of the Gnome modules so that they
dont get updated.  I know it sounds like a crappy solution, but I have
been down this road before and its more trouble than its worth just to
keep one set of "stable" modules.

| So to recap.. o Keep 'gnome' module as 2.6 for people with Linux
| 2.4 o Build a 'gnome-2.8' module for people who want the latest
| gnome an have Linux 2.6.

See above.........


| Any thoughts?
| - Paul (crypticreign)
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