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Mon Oct 25 17:24:27 UTC 2004

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Moritz Heiber wrote:

| On Mon, 25 Oct 2004 09:42:17 -0500 Nick Hudson
| <nhudson at> wrote:
|> Paul Norton wrote:
|> | Hello, | | I just wanted to check in to see what is happening
|> with the Gnome | 2.8 module.  I know that we now have a stable
|> 2.6 Kernel in the | moonbase now (which Gnome 2.8 requires).'
|> Gnome 2.8 will be put into moonbase sometime next month.
|> Currently I am busy with ending 2 jobs and starting another next
|> week, sometime after that I will have time to sit down and start
|> updating.  Also this depends on udev support in the 2.6 kernel
|> through Lunar.  I dont know the status of udev in Lunar but udev
|> will have to be installed and working along with dbus and hal
|> before 2.8 can even be tested correctly.  Dont get me wrong 2.8
|> will work without a working udev and dbus install but things work
|> much better if you have that support. Plug and Play support is
|> quite nice.
| So, to let me get this straight: Gnome 2.8 is going to work without
|  udev+whatever else installed .. it is not going to refuse to
| compile and/or fail to start when somebody comes along with a 2.4.x
| based system without udev?
No maybe I wasnt clear in my last email.  It is suppose to work
without a working dbus/hal deamon.  Now some of the core modules
gnome-vfs2, nautilus etc.... will need udev, dbus and hal installed to
compile.   Also I am still seeing if I cut off dbus and hal if
nautilus and the gnome-vfs will actually start.  I had hal cut off all
last week while working on it and all last week I didnt have a working
Gnome desktop till I cut it back on.  I dont know if that was just my
machine or if hal really needs to be working before we can use Gnome
2.8.  I will find that out in the coming weeks.  But Gnome 2.8 will
not compile unless you have udev dbus and hal installed.  To have
those installed you need a 2.6 kernel and udev.  To have them working
correctly udev needs to be working, which so far from what I can tell
if I install a vanilla 2.6 kernel and install udev, udev doesnt work
correctly.  You physically have to install the mounting scripts Jaime
made a few months back, and that I have been using with zero problems.


| Where's the problem then? Keeping 2.6 would only make sense incase
| the new Gnome would depend on the 2.6.x kernel branch without being
| able to compile on a 2.4.x based system. Now, the only thing that
| is going to get ripped out when udev and friends are missing are
| the exact same features that aren't in Gnome 2.6 yet .. right?
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