blender now uses scons?

Woody Gilk woody.gilk at
Thu Oct 14 00:24:59 UTC 2004

i completely understand. simplicity should rule. i was just curious.
:) everyone in the blender developer channel just kept telling me to
use scons. i asked why they didn't autotoolize blender and the only
reply was that no one knew it well enough. :( sad, but whatever works
i guess.

-woody (shadowhand)

On Wed, 13 Oct 2004 19:37:06 +0200, Auke Kok <sofar at> wrote:
> Woody Gilk wrote:
> > saw that blender is now at version 2.34, but why ("Blender update: now
> > use scons... yuck!") scons? didn't my script work? or was it just too
> > convoluted with having to install ode into the source directory?
> blender opted to use scons and uses it to automatically detect installed
> versions of python etc. This is much more flexible than editing and
> overriding the values for their broken Makefiles they roll out (and
> don't keep up to date).
> PROOF: there's a bugreport on for me that displays that the
> scons-generated makefiles cannot detect the proper Python version
> installed (scons... is ... python....)
> I noticed SM also uses scons to build blender and it's a lot less
> overhead to maintain for us... simplicity rules. Also it's the preferred
> way of building blender according to the blender devs. Since they can't
> maintain a proper Makefile-based system and I'm not gonna hack blender
> every release this saves me a lot of time. I also didn't get your script
> to work, perhaps thats due to some different deps but again I'm not
> gonna delve into that.
> blender looks good but it's way too troublesome to build for me every
> time without scons. Anyone that gets it to build easier and more
> flexible is welcome to send patches etc though, as usual. No I still
> don't like python, although I like java less.
> sofar

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