Changes in Lunar's kernel module naming (explained)

nestu nestu at
Wed Oct 13 17:55:42 UTC 2004

Hello everyone,

Talking in name of lunar devs, I want to explain a little 
what is going to happen in a near future with our kernel 
modules. Step by step, as new versions are released, we will 
bump as usual; but when you install a new kernel, you will 
lin it with a new name:

     ° for 2.4, linux-2.4*, instead of just linux*
     ° for 2.6, linux-2.6*, instead of linux-beta*

Therefore, each tree, 2.4 and 2.6, will have its own stable 
version called linux-2.4 and linux-2.6. linux-2.6 is 
completely new since currently we don't have a stable kernel 
release module for 2.6, but this will change as soon as the 
next stable release, 2.6.9, that is due very soon, is released.

As 2.4's are being updated right now only on stable releases 
-not like 2.6- this change will happen with the future 
release of 2.4.28 (today at 2.4.28pre4), so nearly 100% sure 
it'll be accomplished later than 2.6. Don't dispair, you 
won't miss a single module that you don't have now: 
linux-vanilla will be linux-2.4-vanilla, linux-openmosix 
will become linux-2.4-openmosix, and I bet you can guess how 
linux-grsec will be called.. Yep, you bet, linux-2.4-grsec!. 
There is, however, one exception: linux will become 
linux-2.4, so you can say bye-bye to linux-stable. So long, 

In 2.6's case, changes will come through quite quickly. A 
brand new linux-2.6-grsec (yes, 2.6 and grsec, yay!) is in 
moonbase since yesterday evening. Now will come linux-2.6-mm 
(old linux-beta-mm) and next arrival will be 
linux-2.6-prepatch (old linux-beta). The -prepatch version 
will hold the latest rc kernel (also called prepatch, hence 
the new naming) on If you wish to have the 
latest stable 2.6 kernel, you will have to install our 
new-to-come linux-2.6 module. Notice this is a change from 
actual policy, since our "old" linux-beta module did include 
stable releases before. If you want to assure stability 
under 2.6.X, go for linux-2.6; if you want to know what is 
cooking in 2.6, or you need a new feature to get your box 
working as you like, go for linux-2.6-* variants.

Don't forget that kernel stability has nothing to do with 
userland stability. Our distro is officially 2.4.X based, 
i.e., the moonbase is focused to compile against 2.4 
headers, although we serve 2.6 headers, too.

So, summing up, don't stop tracking your moonbases for new 
kernel fun!

See you soon!
nestu ;))))

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