blender now uses scons?

Auke Kok sofar at
Wed Oct 13 17:37:06 UTC 2004

Woody Gilk wrote:
> saw that blender is now at version 2.34, but why ("Blender update: now
> use scons... yuck!") scons? didn't my script work? or was it just too
> convoluted with having to install ode into the source directory?

blender opted to use scons and uses it to automatically detect installed 
versions of python etc. This is much more flexible than editing and 
overriding the values for their broken Makefiles they roll out (and 
don't keep up to date).

PROOF: there's a bugreport on for me that displays that the 
scons-generated makefiles cannot detect the proper Python version 
installed (scons... is ... python....)

I noticed SM also uses scons to build blender and it's a lot less 
overhead to maintain for us... simplicity rules. Also it's the preferred 
way of building blender according to the blender devs. Since they can't 
maintain a proper Makefile-based system and I'm not gonna hack blender 
every release this saves me a lot of time. I also didn't get your script 
to work, perhaps thats due to some different deps but again I'm not 
gonna delve into that.

blender looks good but it's way too troublesome to build for me every 
time without scons. Anyone that gets it to build easier and more 
flexible is welcome to send patches etc though, as usual. No I still 
don't like python, although I like java less.


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