Disaster help!

Auke Kok sofar at lunar-linux.org
Thu Nov 11 08:36:15 UTC 2004

Richard Pyne wrote:

>While updating a few modules on a Lunar 1.4 linux-stable machine 
>that hadn't been updated in about 6 months, I one of the modules 
>triggered an auto re-lin of glibc and now I am getting:
>/sbin/lunar: line 65: /bin/sleep: Permission denied
>Waiting to lock the file /var/state/lunar/depends
>repeating continuously. All logins are disabled, however 
>existing sessions still work and the firewall is still routing.
>Any suggestions will be appreciated greatly.
ouch those suck... it usually happens when your coreutils etc are in 
really old locations, programs get moved around etc. I would try to 
start updating your core first and then moonbase, if those already fail 
it could be that libc.so is not found or something similar. Here's a few 

* if you still have a shell you can use `echo *` to get the contents of 
a directory (it's a builtin command)

* if you can find a good libc/lib-ld etc you can force using them by 
using `LD_PRELOAD=./libname.so:./libother.so command`

* try running `ldconfig` as soon as possible, a broken ld.so.cache kills 
your box

* look in /usr/src/glibc-xxx/*saved*libraries/ for old copies of your 
libc libraries

* /sbin/sln and a network mounted disc rule

I once had a box with an nfs mount and a running bash (and nothing more) 
and fixed it by using the above tricks.


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