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> Hello again

>Thanks for the reply.
>If I understand correctly it seems that I can
>safely ignore the "Unresolved symbols" messages (my xfree86 seem >to run
>well anyway). My card is an Ati mobility radeon 7500.

Yeah you can safly ignore those and just install the correct DRI module for your card.  I dont have a DRI/DRM based card so i really dont know which one it would be. Let me know if you cant get that to work.

>As for the configure options, I don't want to do anything >special, I
>just ask so as to know how much control (or trouble!) I can have >when
>I install a module. I'm satisfied with the options lunar passes

Well the only way to do that is just put it into the BUILD script of each module, I hate to say that but that is the only way atm.

>However I do not like the idea of having a 10gb partition for >lunar.
>I can run a Mandrake installation with gnome etc. in under 2gb. >I
>though that lunar, by being a lean and efficient distro could >live on
>less space.

Well Mandrake/RH can live on less space because the binary isnt optimized therefore its smaller in size.  Yes most of the time the rpm itself is bigger than the source in some cases the total binary is smaller.  Also you have a choice to install dev packages with rpms.  As for source you dont you get the whole package as one, with opts the binary gets bigger.  Also with RH/Mandrake it doesnt keep the rpm file on disk where Lunar and other source distros do.  Lunar for instance keeps a copy of the source in /var/spool/lunar and keeps a copy of each compiled package in /var/cache/lunar so really you have 2 coipes of each source on your disk which cuts down on space.  Lets say there are  7 source packages for X well altogether lets just say it totals up to 300 megs, well the compiled source in /var/cache/lunar  would be alot bigger lets say around 700 megs ... so in that case you have 300+700 is 1000 megs which is almost a gig of space taken up by one module.  Now another case is Mozilla.  Mozilla is  30+ megs as a source tarred up.  Now while its compiling the untarred source grows to over a gig of source code.  See now why you will need more than 2 gigs of space.  Im not saying it cant be done ... im just saying that you will run out of space real quick expecially when you have X and Gnome2/Mozilla installed.

>Concering combreloc: I didn't have any problems so far (compiled
>binutils, glibc, xfree86 with it) but I read on some forums that
>its use may be problematic so I just wanted to know what is the
>experience of the other lunar users.

Well read Chucks email, seems he has problems with it with emacs.  I dont use emacs so I havent experienced any problems.

>As for openmosix the "stable" moonbase does not have it... Maybe
>a module is in development?

Yeah its in our Dev or testing moonbase which is called "crater".  You can get it from cvs just checkout crater from cvs and look for it.

>Thanks again for your reply,
>-Grigoris Prasinos


Nick Hudson

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