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Wed Mar 26 10:44:37 GMT 2003

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well first off if you can get your modem to work in linux then use penggy it
is a lunar module
penggy is an AOL dialer for linux all you need is tun support in the kernel

as for the gpm message what modules cannot load? be a little more specific.


On Wednesday 26 March 2003 2:01 am, Andix66 at wrote:
> hello,
> i have a question concerning gpm.  first i have to say that i am connectet
> to the internet via aol. i download the the files to a windows partition,
> then change to lunar...copy the files to /var/spool/lunar and finally type
> lin. first i downloaded perl...and installed it. everything went fine.
> the second package i wanted to install was gpm because of the mouse
> support. i said yes to the first question "  ..invoke gpm at boot time..".
> unfortunately i forgot to download a neccesary file and gpm installation
> was incompete and aborted.
> at next reboot i got some strange messages that not all modules could be
> loaded and the whole system remained booted in a "read-only" stage.
> my question now :
> may an uncomplete gpm installation prevent the boot-process of completing
> the start process so that the root filesystem remains in a  read-ony stage.
> greetings
> andreas
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