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Wed Mar 12 10:50:18 GMT 2003

Is it difficult to setup ALSA? What are the advantages?


Florin Braescu wrote:

>--- Ralph Crongeyer <rcrongeyer at> wrote:
>>Hi all,
>>I have sound in kde (the login sound and cdplayer)
>>but the volume is 
>>lower than it is when I'm in the windows envirnment
>>(dule booting my 
>>laptop)? I looked into alsa but it is not installed.
>>However I do have alsa-lib and alsa-driver
>>So my question is how do I increase the volum level
>>of my system?
>>Do I need to install alsa and alsa-tools,
>>alsa-utils, libsndfile, fftw 
>>or anything else?
>Hi Ralph,
>You have to make a decision. It seems that now you
>have the oss kernel drivers installed. In this case
>alsa-lib and alsa-utils are of no use for you. So you
>can adjust the volume from ksound. If you decide to
>use alsa instead, (a better alternative if you ask me)
>then you can use alsamixer and you can save the
>default sound levels. 
>  Florin
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