Sound question?

Florin Braescu braescu_f at
Wed Mar 12 07:30:23 GMT 2003

--- Ralph Crongeyer <rcrongeyer at> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have sound in kde (the login sound and cdplayer)
> but the volume is 
> lower than it is when I'm in the windows envirnment
> (dule booting my 
> laptop)? I looked into alsa but it is not installed.
> However I do have alsa-lib and alsa-driver
> installed.
> So my question is how do I increase the volum level
> of my system?
> Do I need to install alsa and alsa-tools,
> alsa-utils, libsndfile, fftw 
> or anything else?

Hi Ralph,

You have to make a decision. It seems that now you
have the oss kernel drivers installed. In this case
alsa-lib and alsa-utils are of no use for you. So you
can adjust the volume from ksound. If you decide to
use alsa instead, (a better alternative if you ask me)
then you can use alsamixer and you can save the
default sound levels. 


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