httpd.conf wiped out

Richard B. Pyne rpyne at
Wed Jun 11 08:54:27 GMT 2003

Well, it happenned again yesterday when the only thing being 
updated was php. Something in the pre-install stages of lining 
php is deleting the /etc/httpsd/httpd.conf file.


On 9 Jun 2003 at 17:28, Richard B. Pyne wrote:

> I have now twice had my /etc/httpsd/httpd.conf file deleted by a
> 'lunar update' in recent days.
> Unfortunately, I can't give a lot of detail as to what was
> updated each time because I didn't realize what was happening
> until after it happened the second time.
> I do know that both times it involved a (re)compile of php
> because both times the install of php failed because it couldn't
> find the file. The most recent time, the chain of events was
> initialted by an update of openssl.
> The apache module I am using on this machine is the apache-modssl
> module.
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