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Todd A. Jacobs tjacobs-dated-1043904065.5c11c9 at
Fri Jan 24 21:21:04 GMT 2003

On Fri, 24 Jan 2003, Terry Chan wrote:

> You seem to be confused on the usage of UML.  You compile up the UML

Not at all. I'm trying to build a Lunar ISO that can be *installed* under 
UML on any host.

> There is no need to replace the kernel on the Lunar ISO with the UML
> kernel. That will not serve any useful purpose and more than likely it
> will not leave the Lunar ISO in a bootable state.

Of course it serves a useful purpose. Without a UML kernel, the ISO-based 
installer can't be run. If you're not already running Lunar, you'd have to 
build the entire filesystem by hand since you couldn't use the normal 

> If your Linux box is not running Lunar already, then the whole point of
> using UML is to compile the UML kernel and run IT on your current Linux

Um, no. You're thinking of the skas patch, which runs on the host. The 
UML patch has to be applied to the kernel running inside the virtual 
machine, so that its processes and threads can run in userspace on the 

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