Modified ISO

Todd A. Jacobs tjacobs-dated-1043904529.990b40 at
Fri Jan 24 21:28:48 GMT 2003

Okay, so far I've had a great deal of success. I made it most of the way 
through the install with the modified ISO, but am unable to finish because 
I can't compile a UML kernel (the installer doesn't have the proper 

Another minor issue seems to be the loading of devfs. The installer got 
most of the way through despite the error messages (which may have 
something to do with the kernel I used), so I'm not sure how much of an 
issue this really is yet.

I have a 1.2M xdelta patch for the ISO if anyone's interested. Meanwhile,
I'm still digging around to figure out where I can define a UML kernel
during the install.

I think there are two places it needs to be modified: the installer script 
(to define a UML build), and the kernel patch package (which I haven't 
found yet).

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