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Fri Jan 17 07:49:15 GMT 2003

On Thu, 16 Jan 2003 16:30:26 EST
Andix66 at aol.com wrote:

> hello, 
> 2)i first installed kernel 2.4.19, then 2..4.20 and i can choose between 
> them.
> but installing xfree86 i got a problem.
> a message like the following one appears " dri  in kernel  2.4.19 is not 
> compatible with dri in xfree. please disable it in xfree and enable in in the 
> linux kernel"...
> hmmm..but 2 questions appear.
> when in got this message...i booted from kernel 2.4.20 and not from 2.4.19. 
> and  the other question is: when i enable the dri-options in the kernel...i 
> have to choose an appropriate chip-set. 
> but first of all, my gforce  does not appear there ( only matrox, intel, ati 
> and 3dfx appears there). and as a second point, visiting the web-site of 
> xfree-project, there ist written the opposite way of doing it. 
> there you can read " disable dri (in linux kernel) since we will use the code 
> from the xfree86 tree and compile it there".
> what is right? enabling dri in the linux kernel and disabling it in xfree..as 
> lunar installation says.  or the other way round disabling dri in the kernel 
> and enabling it in in xtfree as it is written on their website.
> greetings
> andreas 

Hi Andreas, and welcome.

When you have a NVidia graphics card, then you don't need to use dri/drm, for those you need glx, which you will get by linning these two packages, which will install the NVidia drivers: NVIDIA_GLX & NVIDIA_kernel

Just write "lin NVIDIA_GLX" after you have installed X.
Then be sure that you have the 'Load "glx"' in your Module section of your X configuration, and in the Device scection have 'Driver "nvidia"'

If you run the xf86cfg program after installing the NVidia drivers then the configuration program normaly pickup the right driver, but check it just to be sure.

I hope this helps you.

Med Venlig Hilsen / Best Regards

Niki Guldbrand

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