a few questions after installation

HornGábor Horn.Gabor at aktiv.co.hu
Fri Jan 17 10:26:41 GMT 2003

Hi Andreas!

> 2)i first installed kernel 2.4.19, then 2..4.20 and i can choose between 
> them.
> but installing xfree86 i got a problem.
> a message like the following one appears " dri  in kernel  2.4.19 is not 
> compatible with dri in xfree. please disable it in xfree and enable in in the 
> linux kernel"...
> hmmm..but 2 questions appear.
> when in got this message...i booted from kernel 2.4.20 and not from 2.4.19. 
> and  the other question is: when i enable the dri-options in the kernel...i 
> have to choose an appropriate chip-set. 
> but first of all, my gforce  does not appear there ( only matrox, intel, ati 
> and 3dfx appears there). and as a second point, visiting the web-site of 
> xfree-project, there ist written the opposite way of doing it. 
> there you can read " disable dri (in linux kernel) since we will use the code 
> from the xfree86 tree and compile it there".
> what is right? enabling dri in the linux kernel and disabling it in xfree..as 
> lunar installation says.  or the other way round disabling dri in the kernel 
> and enabling it in in xtfree as it is written on their website.

I use a geforce card too. Disabled dri in the kernel and the nvidia
binary drivers seem work together fine. Kernel DRI has nothing to do w/
nvidia cards currently, as Sofar wrote the nvidia cards are closed
source, they aren't part of kernel (nor it's dri of course).

Hope it helps, bye


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