Greetings, praise and an SMP issue

George Mochrie geo at
Fri Jan 10 01:35:34 GMT 2003


I'm new to the list so: hi :)

I'd like to say that i'm kinda impressed with lunar. I started using SGL ~18 
months ago but went with SMGL when the Bad Stuff (tm) happened. Unfortunatley 
I had to stop using SMGL about 4 months ago as it got just too unstable. 
After the SGL fiasco and due to the SPL licence i refuse to return to SGL. 
Tried gentoo and hated it, ended up with a somewhat customised slackware.

I installed lunar on 2&1/2 machines today and it _worked!_ Reminds me a bit of 
the days of SGL just before the db upgrade. I totally agree with having devfs 
on /dev and there seems to be some nice dependency stuff under the hood. Are 
dependencies still lax as in SGL (eg. nothing has xfree86 in DEPENDS)?

The one issue I had was on an old compaq dual ppro, if I rebooted after using 
the 1.1.2 CD the 2nd processor wouldn't initialise. Worked fine rebooting 
from DOS (i had a good reason) and my usual linux rescue floppy. Unfortunatly 
I can't test it more right now 'cause i killed the SCSI cable and I don't 
have a spare (doh!).

Anyway, congrats on what appears to be an excellent distro.

George Mochrie
aka Drasil
jabber ID: Drasil at

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