Older Versions of Packages

Terry Chan tpchan at comcast.net
Fri Aug 15 01:19:44 GMT 2003

Your fonts being unreadable are not a function of which version of Mozilla
is compiled on your box.

If you had Moz-1.3 installed previously and then compiled Moz-1.4, more
than likely your ~/.mozilla dir is causing preference/setup problems when
installing/invoking Moz-1.4.

If you have not had a previous version of Mozilla installed and your
fonts are still unreadable then you probably have a gtk+-2 font related problem.

Moz-1.4 fonts work fine for everyone else in Lunar, that's why we have
mozilla at 1.4 in moonbase.  In fact mozilla-firebird works just fine for
me as well which is based on mozilla-1.5.1.

Terry Chan
On Thu, Aug 14, 2003 at 09:52:56PM +0000, johnlowell wrote:
> Precisely what chance is there of obtaining older versions of packages 
> than are currently in the moonbase? Mozilla 1.4 is the current version 
> for that package but the default fonts used on the tool bars are so 
> small as to make them unreadable. At least you can see File, Edit, View, 
> Format, etc. in version 1.3. Is it possible to get 1.3 instead somehow?
> John Lowell

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