SSHD init scripts and systemd

Auke Kok auke at
Sat Jul 14 05:05:13 CEST 2012

On 07/13/2012 11:42 AM, elh wrote:
> Hello. After migrating to new moonbase I recompiled openssh module. And while
> reinstalling it removed its sysv-init script. I didn't actually figured out why
> it was removed (the version of openssh module didn't change), but I decided what
> it could be a good opportunity to migrate to systemd. And now I have systemd,
> new moonbase and no working init scripts at all! Those in /etc/init.d ain't run
> at boot (what systemd-sysv module does?) and I actually don't know how to get my
> services back with systemd.

the systemd-sysv package provides symlinks to `sysv` style program 
names, but makes sytemd handle the command execution instead.

the systemd-sysv package does not do anything nor make systemd handle 
init scripts. it's just a wrapper.

> So:
> 1. why the script was removed on moonbase migration?

if you remove sysvinit, the init plugin will no longer install sysv init 
scripts under /etc/init.d

> 2. how users supposed to run services with systemd in lunar? are there any
> prebuild configurations provided with modules 9like init-scripts were provided
> with openssh module)

lin -r openssh

it will ask you several questions about what to start at startup. You 
most likely only need to enable 'sshd.socket', but answering the other 2 
with 'y' will not hurt.

> 3. is there any Lunar-oriented systemd FAQ? I've followed systemd checklist
> while migrating, but now it's a black box for me.

if you are missing services, just `lin -r` them and lunar should ask you 
if you want to ask to start them by default, just like the old init.d 
plugin handler code used to do.


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