SSHD init scripts and systemd

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Fri Jul 13 20:42:51 CEST 2012

Hello. After migrating to new moonbase I recompiled openssh module. And while reinstalling it removed its sysv-init script. I didn't actually figured out why it was removed (the version of openssh module didn't change), but I decided what it could be a good opportunity to migrate to systemd. And now I have systemd, new moonbase and no working init scripts at all! Those in /etc/init.d ain't run at boot (what systemd-sysv module does?) and I actually don't know how to get my services back with systemd.

1. why the script was removed on moonbase migration?
2. how users supposed to run services with systemd in lunar? are there any prebuild configurations provided with modules 9like init-scripts were provided with openssh module)
3. is there any Lunar-oriented systemd FAQ? I've followed systemd checklist while migrating, but now it's a black box for me.
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