Moonbase had a fast weight loss diet!

Duncan Gibson duncan.gibson at
Sun Jul 8 18:41:37 CEST 2012

> The major conversion to the new repositories is now effective, and
> complete.
> Moonbase.tar.bz2 is now ~500k smaller. We probably lost in the order of
> 1000+ packages.
> Please do the following steps as soon as you can:
> 1) `lin moonbase`
> To get started.
> 2) `lin lunar`

This gave me problems because the 'lrm lunar' associated with the previous
version removes files that are then required in the current build!

  # Building lunar version 1
  # Here, have a cookie!
  # make: Nothing to be done for 'all'.
  # Preparing to install lunar
  # Removed module: lunar
  # /var/lib/lunar/functions/build.lunar: line 241: \
    /var/lib/lunar/compilers/make: No such file or directory
  # Creating /var/log/lunar/compile/lunar-1.bz2
  # ! Problem detected during BUILD

I first recovered the previous version from the tar file in
/var/cache/lunar/lunar-201108* but this step was probably not

I later unpacked the new tarball from /var/spool/lunar and
simply ran 'make install' in the source directory. To make sure
that everything was tracked again, I then re-ran 'lin lunar'

Not sure whether this is a glitch or whether it will bite again.

Duncan / engelsman

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