How to make Lunar even more cool

Duncan Gibson duncan.gibson at
Fri Jan 7 09:29:26 CET 2011

> What is the best attribute of Lunar Linux from the newcomers view, that
> makes it better than anything else? Fortunately, it has such an
> advantage - relative easiness of getting source-based distro. Today,
> there is no other distribution that lets one enjoy his optimized system
> so fast and effortlessly. I suggest to expand this feature even more:
> together with mini install .isos, distribute ready to use,
> full-featured XFCE system. Even if there would be one update per year
> to this .iso, it could be a fantastic starter for those, who want to
> start their 'source' experience.

This was the first suggestion that I made when I joined Lunar and in fact
sofar did create an ISO (1.5.1?) with Lunar, X11, xfce4 and firefox all
precompiled and installed on it.

However, as you may have noticed, the Lunar development team is quite
small, and adding all of this stuff to the ISO means an awful lot more
effort in keeping the ISO sources up-to-date and much more testing.
In addition, Lunar was originally aimed at server users, and some of
them didn't like having to download a load of superfluous stuff and then
have to uninstall it and close services, etc.

Lunar provides a skeleton system on top of which the user can add whatever
is required for their own purposes. The big distros work the other way and
include everything and the kitchen sink just in case someone needs it. But
according to anecdotes on the DistroWatch comments pages, it can be quite
difficult to strip down such a complete system to give the equivalent of
the Lunar skeleton. It's easier to add things than take them away.

So, unless and until the Lunar development team becomes significantly
larger, it's unlikely that there will be the resources to build and
maintain a more complete ISO, or set of ISOs.

> I have many ideas. Only problem is, I have no skills to transfer them
> from my mind to reality myself.

It's good to propose ideas. Please keep doing so. The other way you can
contribute to Lunar is to submit new modules and patches to modules.


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