How to make Lunar even more cool

Marek Pasnikowski marekpasnikowski at
Fri Jan 7 08:00:23 CET 2011

What is the best attribute of Lunar Linux from the newcomers view, that
makes it better than anything else? Fortunately, it has such an
advantage - relative easiness of getting source-based distro. Today,
there is no other distribution that lets one enjoy his optimized system
so fast and effortlessly. I suggest to expand this feature even more:
together with mini install .isos, distribute ready to use,
full-featured XFCE system. Even if there would be one update per year
to this .iso, it could be a fantastic starter for those, who want to
start their 'source' experience.

Later, Lunar could incorporate some of Ubuntu-derived services, like
Music Store, to let Lunar users be up-to-date with newest software 
trends. This distribution really has the potential to compete with
Ubuntu on 'power user' market. The best thing is, it could do so
without harming Canonical. I think it is time to start stepping out
from shadow.

I have many ideas. Only problem is, I have no skills to
transfer them from my mind to reality myself.

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