Lunar install does not see External Hard Drive

Duncan Gibson duncan.gibson at
Wed Jun 23 22:59:36 CEST 2010

>> Unfortunately nobody has ever reported trying to install Lunar to be
>> a bootable system from a USB disk, but that doesn't mean that it's not
>> possible. Lunar is pretty flexible.

> I tried once to boot Lunar from USB (exactly the first time, when I was
> used to other distros solutions). Some other newcomers probably would
> try to install Lunar from USB stick.

Well there is a HOWTO for that on the Wiki at

but I don't think that Sharon was asking about a way to create a bootable
image of the ISO on a USB stick in order to install on a system with no CD.

I understood that the goal was to install Lunar on an external USB hard
disk, install applications and customize the system, and be able to boot
from it. What I wonder is whether this disk will be detached and moved
between different systems...

Duncan / engelsman

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