Lunar install does not see External Hard Drive

Duncan Gibson duncan.gibson at
Wed Jun 23 09:27:02 CEST 2010

> I'm trying to install Lunar to my External HD but said EHD is not
> available during the installation process.
> Is there any way that I can help the setup program to recognise my EHD???

This is way out of my technical league, so I've never done this, and
searching for 'installing linux on usb disk' would suggest that not many
people have ever tried. Some distros have better support than others [*].

Note that these articles usually mean booting a "LiveCD" distro from
a USB stick or thumb drive. The Lunar ISO can be used as a "LiveCD"
for recovery purposes, but is really meant as an installation disk.
Once you install the minimal system and reboot, you need to set up
the system to meet your requirements for a server, desktop, etc.

Unfortunately nobody has ever reported trying to install Lunar to be
a bootable system from a USB disk, but that doesn't mean that it's not
possible. Lunar is pretty flexible.

Probably you will need a multi-stage process:
1. check that your bios supports booting from USB
2. create a virtual machine on your box and install lunar there.
3. build a kernel in the virtual machine that supports the USB
4. somehow migrate the virtual installation to the USB disk

If you do manage to get it working, can you report back to us? Then we
can put up some minimal instructions on the wiki for the next person.

Good luck.
Duncan / engelsman

[*] Here's a selection: these may or may not be useful:

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