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Zbigniew Luszpinski zbiggy at o2.pl
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> Hi!


> My name is Marek, I am 18 years old, I live in Poland and my previous 2 years 
> were an exciting journey into Linux world. I tasted all major DE's (GNOME, KDE, 
> XFCE, LXDE, Fluxbox) and many different distros, like Ubuntu, Mandriva, Fedora, 
> Debian, Arch and, lastly, Gentoo. About a week ago I discovered Lunar. I 
> immediately fell in love with this distribution. Prior to discovery I always 
> dreamt of a Linux, which I can easily compile. Gentoo didn't do the task, 
> because it's so complicated.

Good choice. Lunar Linux is the most Linux compatible Linux distribution.
We do not use custom patches if do not have to, so you see and use 
applications as their authors created them. We also use new processor capabilities so
we run faster than other distros built for i386 or i686.
We also keep our modules built with additional options so applications have more capabilities than
default builds.

> I can see, that Lunar is not doing well lately. Mirrors are not working 
> correctly, Wiki lacks most basic documentation, Forums are offline. Please, 
> don't die, don't leave me now, when I discovered you.

If you find a bug or problem in Lunar always share your finding with us.
If we do not know about a bug how we can fix it? :)
Mirrors sometimes do not work. Servers have maintenance break sometimes.
That is why we put few of them in queue in case one does not work.
To activate the queue type in lunar in terminal and in menu choose:
Option->Download Options->Exhaustive mirrors and turn on:
[*] Enable: exhaustive mirror testing
This way if default server does not respond Lunar will download from another one.

Lunar does not die. We are still here and contributing. About 6 module updates ever day.
Security updates come in in less than 24h. Look at distrowatch to see we are up to date:
choose all tracked packets (206) [Refresh] to see more. Colors mean:
Green = latest official release
Red = latest beta (more recent than official)
Black= older than latest official release
Some versions in Lunar are Black not because we are lazy but sometimes a module
must be older to not break compilation of other modules which depends on them.
For example: db  (5.0.21) we still use latest 4.x version: 4.8.30 because there is no app which
uses db 5.x features. db 5.x is not compatible with db 4.x so no reason to update.
Of course every day appears new releases and sometimes we did not updated yet some modules.
If you see any old module you can always ask if it was not updated because of lack of time
or there is an important reason for keeping it old.

Yes ISO is very old. But usually because of lack of interest of developers.
Everybody is focused on moonbase. I installed my Lunar around year 2003
and keep doing lunar update once a week since that time. Others do the same.
So nobody is encouraged to work on ISO.

> I can help write wiki 
> pages, first. I also have a vision, as to what Lunar should become. In addition 
> to the amazing package manager, automatic hardware configuration tool should be 
> created. This would give Lunar an enormous advantage, as all source-based 
> distros require manual configuration. Who still wants to manualy edit text files 
> to make his box run without problems?

Very well. Our community is very small and developers even smaller. Any good help is wanted.
Share with us your findings, good or bad.
I have in my mind script which will take care of automatic installing drivers but have not time to code it.
The same goes to adsl modem configuration for popular modems in Poland like Speedtouch 330 and crappy ZXDSL 852.
I also plan to add selinux but this is another big piece of work to be done.
You know all of us are working somewhere and develop Lunar in spare time. This is main reason for lack of time.
Main priorities are keeping Lunar working, secure and up to date. New features are at the end of list.
Mailing lists, forums, web page or irc may seem to be dead but it is preferred to do developing Lunar than talking.

> I hope I didn't come too late...

Gain some American optimism. According to distrowatch Lunar was born in US.
In Poland like everything else even global economic crisis failed so I can understand your worries :)
the caption says: Poland - here even worldwide crisis failed.

P.S. I will send you pm files and how to make Lunar talking Polish.

have a nice day,
Zbigniew Luszpinski
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