Hello world

Duncan Gibson duncan.gibson at xs4all.nl
Sat Jun 19 13:39:59 CEST 2010

> Hi! My name is Marek, I am 18 years old, I live in Poland...

Hi Marek, welcome to Lunar!

> I can see, that Lunar is not doing well lately. Mirrors are not working
> correctly, Wiki lacks most basic documentation, Forums are offline.

Lunar is not dead, and in fact I think that Lunar does remarkably well
to keep so up-to-date with most of the core packages when you consider
that there are so few developers, all working in their spare time.
I admit the non-core packages might need some attention...

Which mirrors did you have problems with? The main Lunar mirrors, or
URLs for specific package download and home pages?

We all admit that the Wiki does need a bit of a clean-up, and update.
Unfortunately, due to problems with vandalism/spam-bots in the past,
most of the pages are now protected, so you need to ask in the #lunar
IRC channel for someone [me] to unprotect them before edit. I know
this sort of defeats the purpose of having a Wiki, but that's life.
This is probably one reason why the Wiki is so out-of-date :-(

Note that the Wiki is intended to offer Lunar specific information,
and not general HOWTOs for specific packages that should have their
own websites and info. We really don't have the manpower for that!

Striker took the Forums off-line for some good technical reason that
I don't remember, and probably also because they too had been hit by
the spam-bots and took a lot of effort to keep clean.

> Please, don't die, don't leave me now, when I discovered you.

Lunar isn't dead, and because it's a rolling distro we don't *need*
to release ISOs on a six-monthly basis like others seem to do. Users
can create/update/customize their own modules for their own systems
if they need to without having to wait for the next ISO. The downside
of that is that Lunar flies below the radar of DistroWatch and others
so we don't get the publicity that would bring in new users and hence
new developers. With more developers we *could* release more ISOs ...

So you can already contribute by submitting any new/updated modules as
described in http://wiki.lunar-linux.org/index.php/Module_Submission

> I can help write wiki pages, first.

The first thing to do is create a user page on the wiki and outline
what you have in mind...

> I also have a vision, as to what Lunar should become.

Well that's great: share your vision on your Wiki page so we can
see how well that fits with everyone else's ideas, and with the
resources that we have.

> I hope I didn't come too late...

We're still chugging along, but we can always use some extra help.

Duncan / engelsman

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