Moving Qt4 and kde-4.x to /usr

Dennis Veatch dennisveatch at
Mon Jul 26 12:13:43 CEST 2010

There is a move afoot to relocate these and all their related modules to /usr, 
thus getting them out of /opt. The only reason qt4/kde4 was there was to allow 
a choice of kde3 or 4. Since kde3 is no longer in moonbase kde4 will go back.

This move will not happen until qt-4.7.0 and kde4.5 have official releases. 
The expected time frame is the first or second week of August. So if you are 
wondering why either has not been bumped as quickly as before it will be due 
to a holding pattern or ironing out some other issues.

Synchronizing the two bumps will minimize some of the pain in this move. 
However, it will not be a totally painless affair. When it does come around 
the best thing to do is a `lunar update` and then pick up the pieces from 
there. I don't expect to many pieces to be laying around.

Also you will want to move $HOME/.kde elsewhere since .kde/share/* will have 
some bits and pieces that will not reflect their new locations.

Dennis Veatch

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