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W dniu 05.07.2010 01:07, Dennis Veatch pisze:
> On Sunday, July 04, 2010 6:06:59 pm Marek Paśnikowski wrote:
>> W dniu 04.07.2010 20:31, Duncan Gibson pisze:
>>> but that further updates would involve compiling from sources.
>> No. I'll try to show my idea in steps:
>> 1. You download a special CD/DVD from website, which contains only
>> installer and environment specific sources.
> The Lunar ISO already fits that description. It contains just about the bare
> minimum to boot and install the essentials to compile from source.
I know it. I see, that you, Lunar users tend to give answers even for 
question, that were never asked. It may seem nice first, but later it 
started to make me feel weird.

>> 2. Boot from the CD. Installation environment would be similar to
>> Debian's one.
> If I am interpreting that correctly; you are suggesting Lunar adopt Debian's
> methodology?
Again, no. The whole affair is about adopting Lunar to Mint. So no 
Debian/whatever > Lunar, but lunar > Mint. Notice the little letter in 
lunar word - it means the program, not the whole system.

>> No LiveCD typical desktop would appear, as no pre compiled
>> packages are available on the disc - only minimal system required to run
>> the installer.
> I think about the only pre-compiled package on the Lunar ISO is a kernel.
I think, that there are also some pre-compiled coreutils and tools. ;)
>> Why Mint? Mint developers are preparing new distribution frame. They are
>> ready to experiment with new installation systems.
> Shouldn't you be talking to the Mint devs about your ideas?
I wanted to hear your opinions first, as well as gather some more 
knowledge, to introduce this idea to them properly.
>> I see this as a wonderful opportunity to show them the Lunar technology.
> I take it you are not a Mint dev.
No, I am not. Actually, I not a programmer at all. I am just a power 
with great vision.
>> Then they (Mint devs) could themselves dabble with Lunar applications
>> manager.
> Lunar is GPL, they are free to dabble with it all they like.
All comes down to good presentation. :)
>> Will picture attachments come through the mailing list system?
> Not really.
So I will have to use my discarded blog to show some schemes...

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