How do you install Lunar Linux?

Duncan Gibson duncan.gibson at
Mon Jul 5 07:42:53 CEST 2010

> Folks, How do you install Lunar-linux? I'm interested in using your OS,
> because i gave up on Windows xp 64 bit... I'm having a hard time
> understanding your instruction on how to install Lunar-linux?

There is an overview of the installation process on the Wiki at:
It is a few ISOs out of date, so some things like 2.4 kernels
do not really apply any more, but the general principle is there.

> If possible, could you create a video how-to on installing Lunar-linux?

Quite honestly, there isn't much to the installation process that
really requires a video. Download the ISO image, and burn to CD[*],
reboot from CD and follow the menu sequence to install a minimal
system on your hard disk. Reboot from the hard disk, and follow
the instructions in 'man lfirsttime' on setting up networking and
updating the compiler toolchain for your architecture. Then start
compiling the additional packages you need for your system.

*HOWEVER*: Lunar Linux is not aimed at new Linux converts so it
doesn't hold your hand in any way. It's aimed at experienced Linux
users who want a customized system. The installation system, and
the available documentation on the Wiki, assumes that you know
what you are doing...

Duncan / engelsman

[*] If you have an old system without a CD drive, see:

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