How do you install Lunar Linux?

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Mon Jul 5 07:18:14 CEST 2010

W dniu 05.07.2010 07:00, Radai F Zabala pisze:
> Folks, How do you install Lunar-linux? I'm interested in using your OS,
> because i gave up on Windows xp 64 bit... I'm having a hard time
> understanding your instruction on how to install Lunar-linux?
> If possible, could you create a video how-to on installing Lunar-linux?
> Thanks for Reading,
> El1iP3S01D
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Hello Radai.
If I understand well you are a fresh "convert", right? If so, better 
learn the Linux way in some easier distribution like Ubuntu, Mint or 
Debian. However, if you want to plunge in to the depths of Lunar anyway:
1. Backup all your data on ANOTHER disk.
2. Run the installation. It is quite easy and understandable to handle. 
The steps are obvious.
3. On fresh system read "man lfirsttime" and run the mentioned commands.
4. Install additional drivers - I leave this for others to describe, as 
I actually never got this right way.
4. Now the hardest part - installation of environment. For example, to 
install KDE desktop, you would only need to "lin -cr kde4" and carefully 
pick dependencies.

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