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Mon Jul 5 00:06:59 CEST 2010

W dniu 04.07.2010 20:31, Duncan Gibson pisze:
> but that further updates would involve compiling from sources.
No. I'll try to show my idea in steps:
1. You download a special CD/DVD from website, which contains only 
installer and environment specific sources.
2. Boot from the CD. Installation environment would be similar to 
Debian's one. No LiveCD typical desktop would appear, as no pre compiled 
packages are available on the disc - only minimal system required to run 
the installer.
3. Installer would be same as Mint's original, but with additional step 
with GCC optimization options.
4. Technically, installation would run by invoking consequent lin commands.
5. As I said before, I have no idea, how configuration works, but I 
think it will be possible to run with Lunar base.
> The Lunar development team needs to attract some new and active
> members (preferably ones without real-life commitments :-) before
> being able to embark on such an ambitious project as you have in
> mind. I know that people have commented on #lunar about porting
> the lunar package management tools to run in other distro's, so
> it is definitely possible, but full integration would need work.
> Having said all that, maybe you could outline what steps you feel
> would need to be put in place in order to use Lunar as a basis
> for another distro, not necessarily Mint. Maybe these steps would
> be interesting for the general improvement of Lunar anyway.
Why Mint? Mint developers are preparing new distribution frame. They are 
ready to experiment with new installation systems. I see this as a 
wonderful opportunity to show them the Lunar technology. Then they (Mint 
devs) could themselves dabble with Lunar applications manager.
Will picture attachments come through the mailing list system? I intend 
to draw some schemes of my idea.
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