mldonkey update status

Duncan Gibson duncan.gibson at
Mon Oct 20 21:47:05 CEST 2008

>> I sent you a module update submission on 09-20-2008 21:22 for mldonkey,
>> [...] I would like to know if you actually received it and if you can
>> include it in the moonbase.

> yep, it's on the submission queue, but actually there seems to be no
> developer actively applying those patches to the moonbase...
> engelsman started to work on the queue a while ago, but I suppose
> he hasn't got much time as well...

> So it would be nice, if some developer (who knows what he's doing,
> and is able to work with git ;) ) would check and apply/deny those
> three dozens submitted modules...

Not sure whether I'm being praised or insulted here :-P

Duncan / engelsman

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