WARNING: Gnome 2.22 update

Duncan Gibson duncan.gibson at xs4all.nl
Fri Jul 4 09:53:49 CEST 2008

> *WARNING* Gnome was updated to 2.22 and many modules have been renamed
> to their official Gnome names to allow for quicker updates in the
> future. This will not cause problems if you are installing Gnome for
> the first time. Updating your existing Gnome installation will cause
> problems. Lunar update will work fine, but may take an extended period
> ...
> For example:
> GConf2 was removed from /var/lib/lunar/moonbase
> GConf2: Do you want to remove GConf2 ? [y]
> Say yes, then interrupt the update, and lin GConf, where GConf is the
> module name without the 2. After installing the correct module,
> continue the lunar update repeating this process.

Maybe it's too late for this suggestion now, but would it not be possible
to provide a dummy GConf2 module with UPDATED=now that depends on GConf
and therefore causes 'lin GConf' but itself has a do-nothing build stage?
Similarly for the other *2 modules. Then after one month, assume everyone
has updated and remove the *2 modules from the moonbase.


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