WARNING: Gnome 2.22 update

Zachary McGrew zmcgrew at gmail.com
Fri Jul 4 09:30:03 CEST 2008

*WARNING* Gnome was updated to 2.22 and many modules have been renamed
to their official Gnome names to allow for quicker updates in the
future. This will not cause problems if you are installing Gnome for
the first time. Updating your existing Gnome installation will cause
problems. Lunar update will work fine, but may take an extended period
of time to work out the correct dependency changes. If you are looking
to minimize downtime, we suggest intervening the update while it
removes old modules.  It is also suggested you run lunar fixdepends
before the the lunar update to fix additional issues.

For example:
GConf2 was removed from /var/lib/lunar/moonbase
GConf2: Do you want to remove GConf2 ? [y]

Say yes, then interrupt the update, and lin GConf, where GConf is the
module name without the 2. After installing the correct module,
continue the lunar update repeating this process.

Thanks for your patience while Gnome was updated and continues to be
overhauled by the Lunar developers.

Zachary McGrew

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