Module submission queue question / man-pages update

Kok, Auke sofar at
Tue Jan 29 00:52:15 CET 2008

Duncan Gibson wrote:
> I submitted an update for man-pages yesterday, and today noticed that the
> most recent dates reported on are
> from November. [I updated 'theedge' before the submission.]
> Is this just fallout from the svn to git conversion? Has the queue moved?
> Or has it just been quiet because of the Christmas vacation?
> In case it is the first, I attach the lvu diff man-pages patch below.
> The commit text should read:
> man-pages: updated to 2.75
> changed tarball from bz2 to gz because SOURCE_URL[1] has gz versions only

you can still use the submit method just fine, I've just been away from e-mail for
two weeks

I'll try to get to the queue this week and go over all the entries.


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