ATI Mobility Radeon X1400

Zbigniew Luszpinski zbiggy at
Thu Jul 19 01:21:43 CEST 2007

Wednesday 18 of July 2007 22:42:41 Kok, Auke wrote:
> you're now using my argument on something else completely differently. This
> is completely not what I meant by that.
> nothing except the lilo and grub plugins should touch the bootloader
> configs. Definately not the fglrx modules either.

OK. So we have to end up with just a warning.

> anyone still using fb? *amazed*

For some people (like me) standard vga 80x25 mode is not enough.
I use vesafb 1024x768x32 with X driver and nvidiafb as loadable module when 
I'm not going to load X to speed up and increase vertical refresh. And I can 
not live without little tux boot logo :P
I like to have big screen.

> > easy for us to implement. I remember my own switch from Mandrake to
> > Lunar. It took me some time to discover how to launch kde - missing x
> > configuration was one of first problems I got since I started to use
> > Lunar 1.4.0. If xorg7 autogenerates xorg.conf it will not be fglrx fine
> > tuned.
> don't fix what is not broken:
> * lunar is not for lazy users who don't want to do anything

I'm not sure. :-D
Thanks to lunar I forgot how to compile kernel or apps. : o_o
Even do not remember sites or download links I used in the past.
lin gives me every app I need.
lunar update takes care of everything when I sleep. No need to run update 
program for every single application or visit download pages.
Nothing hangs or breaks. There is no viruses or malware to fight with.
There is no need to install firewall/antimalware software or keep away from 
dangerous www pages/p2p. If something breaks lunar fix repairs everything.
Lunar _is_ for lazy people.
Sometimes I think I should go wild and install windows without 
antivir/antitrojan/antimalware/antiadaware/anti_something_else/firewall to 
feel the wildness of Internet jungle and receive some fear and troubles.


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