ATI Mobility Radeon X1400

Kok, Auke sofar at
Wed Jul 18 22:43:45 CEST 2007

Zbigniew Luszpinski wrote:
> Wednesday 18 of July 2007 21:13:35 Zachary McGrew wrote:
>> On 7/18/07, Kok, Auke <sofar at> wrote:
>>> Richard Pyne wrote:
>>>> Also, it has a dependency on libGL, so you might want to make mesa-lib
>>>> a required dependency.
>> fglrx provides it's own libGL. What your experiencing is the system
>> not finding it. =)
>> If you use mesa-lib's version, you'll get software rendering.
> According to  8.38.6 release notes these packages are required:
> XFree86-Mesa-libGL  
> libstdc++  
> libgcc  
> XFree86-libs  
> fontconfig  
> freetype  
> zlib

these are XFree86 packages, not Xorg packages... *sigh*

> so libGL may be required dependency.
> Nvidia driver has own libGL and overwrites mesa libGL.
> But if you uninstall mesa and install Nvidia driver it will not install 
> because there is no libGL. ATI probably requires libGL too because it (like 
> Nvidia) must find libGL file to overwrite it.


The more I think of this the more I want to delete both modules from moonbase.


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