ATI Mobility Radeon X1400

Zbigniew Luszpinski zbiggy at
Wed Jul 18 21:26:37 CEST 2007

Wednesday 18 of July 2007 19:14:06 Kok, Auke wrote:
> Richard Pyne wrote:
> > First, it will NOT work if you set any text screen mode at boot time
> > (vga=xxx in lilo.conf). This only took three days of tearing out hair and
> > searching the internet to discover.
> we can add a warning: grep -q vga= /proc/cmdline && echo WARNING

Remembering one of last Auke's posts telling about the need of more user 
friendliness of modules, module should not only warn about this issue but 
also ask if it should correct this. It is not so hard. I can write grub 
menu.lst file patcher. Someone must write lilo configuration patcher as I 
haven't used lilo since ages.

Another interesting thing to know is if fglrx is able to work when radeonfb is 
loaded. There is known nvidiafb issue for Nvidia cards so Radeon might need 
such warning too.
I think about adding such detection and warning to NVIDIA module.
Same code might be used for radeonfb detection if issue exist too in fglrx 

> > Second, the module needs to install the utility programs, especially
> > aticonfig. It might not hurt to even run aticonfig --initial as part of
> > the install.
> well, xorg7 is designed to work without configuration, so I really dislike
> doing that. And running it automatically is a no-no.

We can add message at the end of script asking if user want xorg.conf 
autogenerated by aticonfig with default [n]. This would be user friendly and 
easy for us to implement. I remember my own switch from Mandrake to Lunar. It 
took me some time to discover how to launch kde - missing x configuration was 
one of first problems I got since I started to use Lunar 1.4.0. If xorg7 
autogenerates xorg.conf it will not be fglrx fine tuned. That is why adding 
optional aticonfig run at the end of script would help newbies.


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