1.6.2-i686 alpha ISO announcement

Kok, Auke sofar at foo-projects.org
Tue Apr 10 20:25:07 CEST 2007

Zbigniew Luszpinski wrote:
> Thursday 05 of April 2007 17:53:42 Kok, Auke wrote:
>> Hi all!
>> I have just uploaded the first alpha snapshot for the 1.6.2 series of the
>> lunar installation iso. This test ISO will install lunar-linux in the usual
>> way but also packs an extra punch: It provides a full installation of
>> XOrg-7.2 and Xfce-4.4!
> How about providing also lite iso as usually?
> Not everybody wants precompiled X and downloading overhead.
> I still think that mc is more welcome as iso CD is useful not only for install 
> purposes but also to rescue broken box. (the recent init script break for 
> example). I know that mc on iso was denied by sofar ("denied. not a priority. 
> the iso is not for file manipulation, but for installing instead."), but 
> still think it is good thing - better than X to have on CD. Extending CD use 
> not only for install but for rescue purposes too would be nice thing. AFAIK 
> lunar would be the first distro with mc on rescue CD.

I completely disagree. While I think mc is a nice program, it is completely 
irrelevant (handy, but not required) to doing rescue work (cp, mv, rm are 
already there).

Providing base applications for users to facilitate the installation of lunar on 
their systems is priority number #1. One of the biggest problems that we have 
right now is that users are unable to get X working, or get stuck in dependency 
solving issues because they assume that `lin mozilla` should work in 3 seconds 
on a newly installed lunar system.

The problem that mc is not available on the ISO is just insignificant to that.

The future 1.6.2 ISO's will allow you to select whether you wish to install X or 
not, so we can install our servers without it as before. The extra download size 
is probably not a big concern for people building servers.

mc is, and will always be in the category "nice to have". And that category is 
just low priority.



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