Module submission - linux_logo

sofar sofar at
Fri Mar 10 15:32:43 UTC 2006

On Fri, 10 Mar 2006 09:04:31 +0100, Remco Lubbers <remco at> wrote:
> Sofar,
> Citeren sofar <sofar at>:
>> About to add this with some minor modifications to moonbase:
> Thanks for adding it to moonbase!
>> * newer version
>> * use /profile.d/ auto-handling code
>> * removed choice to display logo on login (edit the
> profile.d/linux_logo.orc
>> to disable)
> Why? I found that rather handy or is there something perticular I
> overlooked
> against asking whether or not one want's to run it every login?

it now works the same as 'fortune' - display on startup by default. It's rather simple and keeps the module small - I like small modules that don't ask me lots of questions ;^)

>> * install the conf file without adding an extra file to the module.
> I'm not too much into ASCII art. i do wonder why you install the conf file
> with logo 2 as a default, which is a FreeBSD devil....
> I choose the GNU/Linux-logo-with-penguin since that is what we are
> using...

on my box where I just had downloaded the latest 4.13 tarball I got the "mandriva" logo - searching for the one I assume you wanted I found that it was moved to #2. very strange... which logo do you get if you reinstall it?


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